Man arrested for drug smuggling

A Guatemalan citizen was arrested by police at Tocumen International Airport for allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine out of Panama.   The suspect was identified as Jorge Alberto Sarmiento. Police said they found the drugs inside packages that also contained chocolates and almonds.   He was accompanied by a Colombian citizen who was stopped by police because he was acting suspiciously. Law enforcement officers raided the hotel where the men had been staying and found evidence that ...


Two killed in home invasion

Police reported a double homicide, in which one of the victims was an American citizen, that took place Monday morning in Alta Mar 2, in the district of Dolega.   Police said that a woman was killed along with the American citizen, but their identities have not been released. Police apparently have a suspect in custody, but that person's identity is also not known.   Police said the offenders went to the house in a 4x4 vehicle, and some articles were reported stolen from the ...


Woman hit by train

A 32-year-old woman was injured Sunday when she was hit by a locomotive from the Panama Canal Railway Company at Arco Iris, in the neighborhood of Cristóbal, Colón.   The woman was crossing the tracks on foot when she was hit. She said that she did not hear the train approaching.   She was taken to Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital in Colón. Her injuries were not life-threatening.   Authorities said that pedestrians should avoid crossing the ...


Six buses impounded for safety violations

Officials with the Chamber of Transport (Canatra) and transportation agency ATTT carried out a number of inspections Monday of buses.   Agents imposed 15 fines against drivers and impounded six buses for safety violations. The checks took place in the community of Los Andes.   Jaime Braddick, the ATTT's ground transportation director, said that more operations are planned for other routes. The operation is being done to improve the safety of public transportation in the ...


Hotter weather expected

Even though it is always hot in Panama City, the temperatures in April are expected to be even higher than usual.   According to Luz Graciela de Calzadilla, a meteorologist with Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica de Panama, the current El Niño weather pattern will make the coming month, which is normally the hottest of the year, feel several degrees warmer. That's because the weather pattern will increase the humidity around the city and lessen the trade ...


Five injured in bas accident

There were five people injured in a bus accident Monday morning in Felipillo.   Police said that the accident happened when the bus went off the road. Witnesses told police that the driver of the bus lost control because of the actions of a panel truck.   The bus involved in the accident was coming from Pacora. Those injured were taken to Santo Tomás ...


Politician claims police assaulted him

Santa Ana representative Jair Martínez claims he was roughed up by police he tried to arrest him for drinking alcohol in a public place Sunday.   Martínez said that he was not drinking, and claimed that he did not act in a violent or vulgar manner, as police alleged. He added that he does not allow illegal activities in his neighborhood.   Martínez appeared on television stations displaying bruises to his face that he said were caused by ...


Minister committed to curriculum reforms

Minister of Education Lucy Molinar said she will not back down from proposed curriculum changes that she believes are crucial to improving the country's schools.   Molinar said that an improved education system is crucial to the country's growth, as foreign companies looking to move here need an educated labor pool.   Teachers have threatened to strike in early April if the ministry does not repeal the reforms, which have been widely criticized by the educators.   But the ...




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