Rebel taxi drivers continue to roam the streets

  While many cab drivers have complied with the requirements set by authorities to paint their vehicles yellow, others have chosen to evade their responsibility by claiming a lack of economic resources to do so. In fact, several of these rebel taxi drivers are not only roaming the streets illegally hoping not to get caught, but have also announced that they will hold a protest to request that the government grant them yet another extension to meet the existing regulation.  But managing director of the ATTT, Jorge Fábrega, says that, at this point, no form of protest will ......


Balbina Herrera, willing to testify in CEMIS case

"I'll go where I have to go, if I am called by the National Assembly, the Attorney General, wherever, I will be there," were the words of former legislator Balbina Herrera, after National Assembly president José Luis Varela, announced that she would be cited to substantiate  allegations in the controversial CEMIS case, one of the biggest political corruption scandals the country has faced in recent years. The case, which dates back to 2001 and was re-opened last week ...


Alvarado: Operational Safe Summer kicks off on the right foot

For Arturo Alvarado, General Manager of the National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC),  "Operation Safe Summer", which premiered this Sunday, Jan. 3, got off to a great start, despite a few reported emergencies. Alvarado told Prensa.com yesterday that SINAPROC staff made three saves (two in Santa Clara and one in Playa Barqueta) and tended to a beach-goer suffering from a manta ray sting at Playa Gorgona. Aside from these few incidences, he said, the public has responded ...




  Discover Panama in the footsteps of Scott Bronstein


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